Transfer of energy

Healing and preventive – both physically and mentally.
Healing is effective if your animal has a need for alleviation, a solution to traumas, added self-esteem, an energy boost or a mental preparation for the focus needed at a competition.

Healing offers calmness and balance

It can also be recommended to perform preventive healing on both the physical and the mental stage. An example could be a horse that has trained intensively up to an important competition, where healing will make sense in terms of removing stress and give balance in body and soul, so that the horse can perform perfectly.

Animals can also experience stress in a busy every day life and old traumatic experiences can effect the animal negatively. In some cases it leads to depression. With healing it is possible to correct both physical and mental sufferings.

Remember never to avoid vet contact/diagnostics examination of your animal.

This is how healing works

  • Healing is the transfer of energy to where your animal needs it.
  • Imbalances will be resolved so that your animal can function optimally.
  • Healing is not only for emergencies.