Natural science or a message directly from the animal?

“If only I knew what they were saying” is something many people express when they contact me.

I’m a mouthpiece for animals

Often, I find that pets have a lot on their heart and really want to communicate.

Most of the animals that I have visited, have through time, without luck, tried to communicate to their owner, a problem which has resulted in frustration for both parties. Many owners have suddenly realized that their animals have become more difficult to control, changed eating habits, or have completely behaved out of character.

With an ability to communicate directly, I’m able to help sort any problems to the relief of both parties.

Is this communication real

Typically, communication happens when I stand by the side of your animal. I receive thoughts and pictures, also a commentary on the problems that are being experienced.

You can picture this as tuning in a radio to a particular radio frequency, although this is not a one way process, consequently it’s possible for you to ask questions if a proper understanding is acquired. You can look at this as a connection between owner and animal, with me as a translator, this being so, means that there is a confidentiality cause between you as a client and I as a consultant.

Why should we communicate with animals?

  • Animals know when they are not thriving
  • Its often small things that can alter a situation
  • You have a direct reason from the animal itself