Dyre coaching

What’s wrong?

How can I work best with my animal?
Do you have a horse, dog or cat that is suddenly cathartic, won’t jump or show anymore?

Get results!

Through a triangle of communication, I am able to coach you both so that results are forthcoming. Together we can decide a strategy and implement it, rather than wasting time trying many different methods that provides poor results.

Free will and personality

It should be pointed out that Animals are not computers. An animal has its own free will and personality, but this doesn’t mean that its unable to work together with its owner. Personality changes can be met with different methods of training.

Coaching through direct communication

  • Get results with goal oriented coaching for you and your animal.
  • Strengthen your relationship and understanding between you and your animal.
  • 3.Learn how you can prioritize time and energy in regards to competition.